Top 5 Pieces of Street Art

These are all special for numerous reasons - the impact the piece had on me, where I was, who I was with, the amazing lunch I ate just after I had seen it - you know, the usual stuff.  As the Porto artists stated in their dispute with the Mayor's anti-graffiti squad (see final entry) -... Continue Reading →

Collecting animals and collective nouns

Over my travels I have been lucky to see some amazing nature which, rather surprisingly, has awakened an old interest in collective nouns. Recently I have been able to add: A charm of hummingbirds A flamboyance of flamingoes An ostentation of peacocks A kaleidoscope of butterflies A fluther of jellyfish A swarm of incessant insects... Continue Reading →

Being ill when travelling sucks

And being ill when travelling solo really sucks.  Obviously it isn’t the best at any time but when travelling (particularly solo) it can become a bit of an issue.  Most recently it was just a really bad cold, no hospital or doctors involved, just trying to converse with the pharmacist in an unknown language.  It... Continue Reading →

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