7 quick tips about Capri

Capri is really quite small – only 10 square kilometers (about the size of Central Park in New York) so there really aren’t that many best-kept secrets or hidden gems, that said here are a couple of recommendations and some quick tips. I can highly recommend a visit to Villa Jovis – (the ruins of an... Continue Reading →

The Amalfi coast on a budget – food

Italian food is truly splendid, every meal I ate was toe-tingingly tasty – Italy you truly have stolen a pizza my heart! Eating cheaply can be a bit of a challenge but like with the previous post about finding cheaper accommodation it takes some time and patience. Location The obvious top tip is to eat further... Continue Reading →

Is there no place like home?

Lately I’ve been feeling a little listless a tad rootless even.  I’ve been on the road for nearly three years and for the first time I am beginning to wonder if it is time to go home. I know I am lucky, privileged in fact to live this life. I even have a flat I... Continue Reading →

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