7 travel tips about Rome

  1. Rome the streets – don’t plan too much, just follow your nose, getting lost in the enchanting side streets is a truly authentic Roman experience and when you eventually see something you recognise it brings about a lovely meaning to the phrase finding yourself.  Having said this there is the possibility we erred a bit too far with this as we ended up stumbling upon the Vatican, quite by mistake
  2. Honour the gods – pick a temple or your own God/Goddess (I was quite tempted by the Roman travel gods Abeona and Adiona, respectively the Roman Goddess of outward journeys and safe return) and your method of how to honour them.  I‘m not suggesting you lug a sheep down to the Temple of Jupiter as a sacrifice but maybe an offering of flowers, or some gentle thoughts at their alter or statue.  Or simply raise a glass of wine in honour of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine – and also good-cheer, hilarity, mirth and revels.
  3. Pick pockets – you’ve not been to Rome if this hasn’t happened to you, or at least seen this happen to someone one else. There is so much advice out there and some of it seems really over the top but remember these are well-trained and experienced professionals – as I found out.
  4. Pick one of the seven hills, cop a squat and breathe it all in – I particularly liked the view from Janiculum hill.
  5. Absolve yourself of guilt – Rome is big, it’s history is vast and would it be so dreadful if you didn’t see or do everything? When we stumbled upon the Vatican we sat in the shade on the steps of the piazza reading about the history, soaking it all up and when the time came to join the long, winding queue in the hot sunshine we looked at each other and decided not to opting for a bowl of spaghetti meatballs instead.  which leads me nicely onto tip no.6:
  6. Eat your way through the best famous Italian dishes or play Roman boozy bingo
  7. Being one of the first or the last visitors of the day means you’ll miss the queues – we breezed into the Pantheon one morning at 10am (but only made it for this time because it was our last day and we had to check-out of the apartment) and an hour and a half before it closed we strolled past all the guards and staff of the Coliseum as if we were VIPs entering a night club.


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