When in Rome – where to eat the best of Italy’s famous dishes

Rome has almost too much on offer – so many restaurants, cafes and bars it is difficult to know what to choose.  So we decided to approach the food like a game of bingo (albeit a very tasty one) and try each of Italy’s signature dishes whilst we were there.  Here’s my score card:

Risotto – Risotteria Melotti

The Melotti Family has been producing the best varieties of Italian rice since 1986. It produces the Vialone Nano Rice and Carnaroli Rice varieties which grow thanks to the local spring water and organic soils.  We tried the risotto with duck breast, orange and toasted pine nuts and the risotto with scallops and sun-dried tomatoes – both were ridiculously tasty and reasonably priced.
Website: Risotteria Melotti
Address: Via della Vetrina, 12a/b, 00186 Roma
Menu: English menu

Pizza – Da Simo…pane e vino

This place was full of locals – in fact the couple sat next to us were friends with the chef and were eating this white pizza (no tomato sauce) and it looked amazing so we gave it a go, you know when in Rome and all of that.
Website: Da Simo…pane e vino
Address: Via di Parione, 34, 00186 Roma

Tiramisu – Pompi

Just near the Spanish steps this little cafe is the epicentre for tiramisu (the family firm has been making it since the 1960s), in doorways and side streets nearby you’ll find people making yummy noises as they dig into their little take out boxes.  I’m not a fan of the taste of coffee so I tried their cannoli instead.
Website: Pompi
Address: Via della Croce, 82, 00187 Roma

Ice cream – Gelateria del Teatro

They maybe on every street corner but it’s important to remember not all ice creams are created equal.  Best to try to find one with ‘artisan’ in the title or tag line for one of true quality and taste.
Website: Gelateria del Teatro
Address: Via dei Coronari, 65/66, 00186 Roma

Spaghetti meatballs – Tonnarello

Located in Trastevere, an area which is overflowing with restaurants and bars it has some stiff competition but I can highly recommend this place.  Especially the meatballs, which took my cherry – I’ve been vegetarian since a teenager and have spent the last few years catching up on meat dishes, so this was the first time I had tried this dish.  Oh me, oh my it was wondrous – I’m remembering it now and my mouth is watering.
Website: Tonnarello
Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 112, 00186 Roma
Menu: English menu

Artichokes – Mami

We had heard the best place to enjoy Carciofi Alla Giudea was at Piperno in the Jewish quarter but we just couldn’t make it there. We did however try artichokes in a different form – battered and fried in a take out paper cone – you can take the girl out of Edinburgh but you can’t etc…
Website: Mami
Address: Via della Pace, 27A, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

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