Amalfi coast – some travel regrets

The day before leaving the Amalfi coast I had a few short, sharp pangs – at first I thought they were sadness at leaving but it was more than just sadness, it was regret.  Regret for some of the places I didn’t visit and the things I didn’t see or do, and even for some of the things that I did.

I had passionately wanted to visit this part of the world for some time and had enjoyed every minute of it since I had arrived – the beauty, the history, the food, the people.  And now, it was all over and I wasn’t ready for it to be.

Is it better to do everything and see everything so there is no need to return, or is it ok to leave with a twinge of ‘oh, but there is that {insert important thing to you here} which I didn’t do so I am going to come back’

A wise old bird once told me, it’s better to live your life so that you only regret the things that you did do rather than the things that you didn’t.  But life isn’t perfect and I’m certainly not perfect – on my trip along the Amalfi coast I had ill days and anxious days all of which restricted what I could do and, I was travelling on a budget so I definitely couldn’t see and do everything anyway.  And if I couldn’t the first time then what makes me think I will be able to the next time.

I am still not sure if I will return so as the sunsets on my last day here, maybe it is not so much ‘addio’ to the Amalfi coast but just ‘arrivederci’.  Or as ‘ciao’ means both hello and goodbye, I think I’ll just settle for that.  Don’t feel sorry for me though – next stop Rome!


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