7 quick tips about Capri

Capri is really quite small – only 10 square kilometers (about the size of Central Park in New York) so there really aren’t that many best-kept secrets or hidden gems, that said here are a couple of recommendations and some quick tips.

  1. I can highly recommend a visit to Villa Jovis – (the ruins of an Imperial Roman villa that Emperor Tiberius built on the island) – ask for an audio guide at the ticket office, it’s included in the price but it isn’t obviously advertised. Trust me it won’t ruin the experience!
  1. If you want to go to the Blue grotto – keep an eye on the weather/tide if the sea is too choppy or the tide is too high then the cave is inaccessible.
  1. Losfizio is an affordable neighbourhood restaurant – wood fired pizza and orange juice made fresh from their own orange trees in the back garden, only a 10 minute walk from Capri centre.

    Pizza and fresh orange juice at Losfizio
  1. For some excellent glamorous people watching I can highly recommend lunch at Hotel La Palma or wait until later and have an aperitif in the Piazza in Capri town where you will find the most prestigious pre-prandial passeggiata.
  1. In August – about 20,000 people arrive a day (heading towards double the island’s population) so if you can, then visit at another time.
  1. The only place to watch the sun set into the Mediterranean Sea is at the Punta Carena lighthouse but the reflected glow can be seen elsewhere – such as near the natural arch.


Reflected sunset glow near the Natural Arch – honestly I’ve not used a filter!
  1. There is no need to buy lemons in the supermarket for your G&T at home (if you’re self catering)– there are trees everywhere just ask a local.

Whilst writing this I have obviously been listening to Frank Sinatra serenade me with ‘Isle of Capri’

For some tales about Capri then click the link to read the previous post.

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