The Amalfi coast on a budget – food

Italian food is truly splendid, every meal I ate was toe-tingingly tasty – Italy you truly have stolen a pizza my heart! Eating cheaply can be a bit of a challenge but like with the previous post about finding cheaper accommodation it takes some time and patience.

The obvious top tip is to eat further away from any tourist attractions, give yourself plenty of time and go exploring down the side streets where there are plenty of hidden gems to be found.  If you are in a large town or city head towards where the students live and there you will find the cheapest places.

Gelato – ice creamed with joy at the choice and the flavours


Eat your main meal of the day at lunch time – standard prices are usually cheaper but also you can get more deals especially on set menus.  Look out for, or research in advance, any local happy hours – I’ve drank in many a bar which would normally be out of my budget because of this.  Also, if you’re travelling solo it’s a great way to meet new friends who are probably like-minded – in that they like a bargain too.

Anti pasta – olive you from my head tomatoes  – (it was actually a salad Nicoise but surprisingly I didn’t take any photos of olives)


Choose your accommodation wisely – most B&Bs also included a free breakfast but these vary from a coupon to take to a local café for a hot drink and a pastry to more substantial – cereals, ham and cheese, fruit & yogurts, pastries and cakes which could keep you going until dinner time.  A bedroom with a kettle (and ideally a fridge) can help save money – on cups of tea when you need to recover from a day of sight-seeing or want a cheap chilled beer/wine in the evening. Some B&Bs even have a shared kitchen, although not always the cleanest, so you can save money and cook a homemade meal one evening.

We’re getting pasta the point of no return


Bargain recommendations:
Amalfi:            Pizza Express (Via Pietro Capuano) not to be confused with the big chain of restaurants.  This is a small takeaway/café with a few plastic chairs inside and out.  The pizza and pasta are made fresh daily and are an absolute bargain at €4/5.

Postiano:         I was there during the Street Food Festival (8 April 2018) where the main street (Viale Pasitea) had various food stalls, bars, music and entertainment at different points all the way up the hill – you could try local dishes for just €4/5 a pop.  Some stalls were run by the restaurants/hotels so the quality of what was being offered was high, especially for such a low price.  A little warning – they don’t close the road to traffic so there was an added frisson of danger to the whole evening!

Pompei:           Todisco (Piazza Schettino) recommended to me by my B&B owner as where the locals go and sure enough I was the only non-Italian in there.  Simple Italian dishes and very cheap (€8 for spaghetti with clams) – staff very friendly and helpful.

Capri:              no such thing, stay self-catering and cook at home

Anyone else have any recommendations?

Penne for your thoughts…


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