Morning brew with a view

This may be the most quin-tea-ssentially British post I’ve written so far but I wanted to tell you about my morning cuppa.  When looking for travel accommodation the how/where/when I get my morning brew is one of my top criteria.  I once managed to bag a bargain hotel room (80% off) but I had to really urn my cuppa – my nearest offering was 14 floors down and nearly ½ mile back at a Starbucks on the ground floor, this was in Las Vegas.  It caused me so much morning concern that it disturbed my inner tranquili-tea and with hindsight I’m not sure I would take the offer again.

Planning ahead is important and not just with regards to kettle/fridge access.  I travel with my own tea bags, obviously, because the one which is usually on offer, well I’m not going to pay Lipton service to.  I also have emergency sugar sachets and UHT milk.

This may seem a tad extreme but I see it more as a necessi-tea.

I am currently having my morning brew in the courtyard of a lovely B&B, whilst eating a breakfast I have bought myself because the one my host offers for free is at a café 5 minutes walk away and even that little amount of effort is too much before my first cuppa – a steep too far some might say.

The ideal is a brew with a view, somewhere to gaze over the top of the golden, bitter/sweet magical tannins – this is when I know that life really is brew-tea-ful.

Morning brew with a view, life is brew-tea-ful.

The song that has been in my head whilst writing this is Jelly Man Kelly by James Taylor.

Thanks to punpedia for some help with some quail-tea puns.

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