Is there no place like home?

Lately I’ve been feeling a little listless a tad rootless even.  I’ve been on the road for nearly three years and for the first time I am beginning to wonder if it is time to go home.

I know I am lucky, privileged in fact to live this life. I even have a flat I rent out which not only helps to pay for this nomadic existence but means I can have a permanent home when I want it.  But do I want it?  On the one hand living out of a bag and worrying about how I can manage my finances to pay for the next month gets tiring but on the other hand the world is big and I have only just started to explore it.

I began to plan to return, chez Jules – unpack my bag, take things out of storage and stay still, in one place for a while.  Then I got a call – do I fancy a little sojourn over to Rome?  Why, yes, yes I do.  {Of couse I do!}  But it seems a bit of a waste to go to Italy just for a few days and Rome is so near to Naples which isn’t far from Sicily or even Corsica really.

So, for the time being the bag is staying packed, the passport remains in the pocket and the road is still wide open.

PS – any tips for a Rome visit would be greatly appreciated, or indeed Naples or even Sicily….

Whilst I’ve been writing this I have been mainly listening to La Traviata by Verdi to get me in the Italian mood.


Image of the menu from Chez Jules – a lovely French restaurant in Edinburgh

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