Mojito Monday – a solution to a wonderful travelling problem

On my inaugural solo travel trip, I got caught in an incredible thunder storm one day and so I sought sanctuary in a tiny tapas bar, obviously.  Watching the storm thunder by I realised that I had no idea what day it was.  I had recently left an office job and was used to being constrained by the constructs of working hours and week days but suddenly there was no such restrictions just absolute, boundless, endless time.

This new-found freedom was exhilarating but I decided I needed a marker, something to hang time passing on.  Because I was no longer in a job I hated I decided the best day to choose was Monday and turn it from a day I dreaded into one to look forward, to celebrate even.  Inspired by my surroundings of where I was sheltering as the storm rumbled on, because it turned out that it was indeed Monday and because I have a love for annoying alliterations, Mojito Monday was born.

Since then I have raised a Mojito Monday cheers in many glorious locations – the drink, as well as the concept, makes me happy all the way from my head down to moji-toes.  It goes very well with a sunset (especially by the sea), it has helped me make friends when travelling on my own and it is a fantastic way to pretend that it is summer in February.  ¡Salud

Whilst writing this I have mainly been listening to Buena Vista Club and researching travel tips about Cuba 🙂


It makes me happy from my head down to mojo-toes!

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