Love & the solo traveller – an apology

Being a solo traveller I have often, inadvertently, been the third wheel of many a romantic date.  Drinks whilst watching the fountains in Las Vegas – I’ll be sharing the table with you both, tuc tuc ride for two up a mountain – budge over I’m coming with you, romantic evening watching the sunset in a secluded cove – yep, I’m just a couple of meters away so no alfresco lovin’ for you two tonight.

To these poor couples whose amorous moments I have totally and utterly ruined – today, on this St Valentine’s day, I offer up my sincere apologies.

I am reminded of a time a couple of years ago when I was watching a sunset from a roof top bar, whilst sat a little too close to a couple who were on their first date.   They had covered the standard first date preamble of jobs, family, films and music and were at the end of their first drink:

  • Her: “You’re my ideal man”
  • Him: “Wow that’s bold”

Looooonnnnnnng pause

It carries on for a bit longer still

  • Her: looks embarrassed
  • Him: Looks terrified

She headed for the bathroom and in fairness he didn’t run away but did use his mobile, I speculated that he may have been arranging an ‘out’.  She returned and they left to go for dinner.

I silently wished them both good luck as they passed by.


Love graffiti, in the moss of a fountain wall – Sintra, Portugal

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