January – a series of false starts

There appear to be two types of people in January – those who make new year resolutions and are excited about new beginnings and challenges and those for whom January is a cold dark month of blues and being skint.

Every year I try to be one of the positive types.  This past week I’ve written lists and started to sketch out plans, even done a smidgen of networking about projects, albeit online whilst wearing jammies.  But then I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by it all and spent the following few days deliberately avoiding everyone and losing myself in imaginary worlds; both other people’s in the form of books and films and my own, gazing into the distance through the steam of a mug of hot chocolate and dreaming of other lives which could be lived.

They say that by looking after your body you are also looking after your mind – so I went to the market and bought all the vegetables I could find with a view to making a healthy hearty soup for dinner but went out for pizza and drank all the of beer I could find instead.  There wasn’t even healthy soup the next day as I was hungover and all I wanted to eat was the cheese and chocolate left over from Christmas.

Aside from the above activities so far I have mainly spent January procrastinating.  In fact, I’ve been more motivated about procrastinating then just about anything else.  This does mean that even though all my software has been updated and I’ve categorised my photos on iCloud I do still need to do my accounts and file my tax return.

On 13th January, it’s New Year again (my family follow the Julian calendar as well as the Gregorian) which could be the perfect opportunity for another new start to this New Year.  Or Chinese New Year is on 16th February, maybe I could wait until then.  Or, I could just give myself a break and accept that everything doesn’t change, including me, just because the year does.



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