A café tour of Paris – Café Marly

As you can see from the picture the location of this place is amazing, on the terrace of the Louvre looking over the courtyard of the old and new architecture.  I louvre the Louvre, and I love this view.

The view inside was amazing too – on the way to the ladies I passed through a dining room which had huge glass windows looking onto one of the exhibition rooms inside the Louvre.  For a while I stood looking at the visitors looking at sculptures – it was a lovely moment, albeit a tad surreal, of watching people who were in turn watching marble people.

In the previous blog post when I reviewed Café Odette – I confessed that I found out about it because of a good-old-fashioned-printed-on-paper-bought-in-an-actual-book-shop-not-online guide book.  This time I am strangely compelled to let you know that I am a rugby union fan and first heard of Café Marly because one of my favourite players posted a photo of it on his social media page.  And that dear reader, if I still have any at this point, is my most embarrassing public confession to date.

Quick note – If you want to learn any more about the book in the photo ‘Seven Ages of Paris’ then there is a review (of sorts) in this blog post.

We went to Café Marly just for a sit down and a drink, so this isn’t a full restaurant review, I’m afraid.  I opted for the hot chocolate and I can enthusiastically recommend it, with gusto.  It was molten heaven, thick and luxurious and probably with as many calories as a whole giant tin of Quality Street chocolates melted down together.

The only negative I have is that the service was oh so very slow, glacially slow (before global warming).  There may have been good reasons for it but it does mean that I would be very hesitant to return for dinner.  It was so slow in fact that we left without our change as we just couldn’t wait any longer.  Which in fact made it my most expensive hot chocolate of the entire Paris trip and believe you me it had some stiff competition to win that accolade!

To finish on a somewhat brighter note I am reminded of that old story of an art thief who stole some paintings from the Louvre and escaped in a van but was caught by the police just 5km away as his van had run out of petrol.  When he was asked by the police officer why he had stolen such national treasures the art thief replied: “I had to steal the paintings as I had no Monet, to buy Degas, to make ze Van Gogh!”

I’ll get my coat…

The view from Café Marly with gorgeous hot chocolate and my trusty travel companion ‘Seven Ages of Paris’

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