Starting over – time to reboot the blog

I blogged for six months, I took a break for six months, I’m starting over.  I’m quite a private person so I do find it difficult to share details about myself but I want to square up to this challenge so am giving it another go.

In the last six months I have had been pondering some key questions, here’s a list of just a few and in no particular order:

  • How do I get enough freelance work to finance my travels
  • Am I just coasting
  • If Mickey is a mouse and Donald is a duck what IS Goofy (I have been brooding on that particular question since watching ‘Stand By Me’ back in the early ‘90s)
  • Have I left it too late to become a professional tennis player or blues musician (I swither between the two)
  • Will I regret not having children
  • Do I think/worry too much
  • What did I do to make today better
  • Will dark energy consume the Universe
  • If scientists can just call anything they don’t understand ‘dark’ can we
  • How will I know when I find somewhere I want to live (one of my reasons for travelling at the moment)
  • What would I be doing if I wasn’t afraid
  • Will they ever finish building the Sagrada Família
  • How much is too much cheese

This year I have also joined the land of professional house sitters, which is an actual job (of a sort) and one of my favourite ones I think I have ever had.  Which is saying something as I have had some corkers – including being a stage assistant to Labi Siffre and singing radio jingles.  Two jobs which I had completely forgotten about until this very moment.

Ok, I have now got thoroughly distracted thinking about my previous jobs, which would take up a whole other blog post, so here’s a link to Mr Siffre performing ‘I Got The…’ back in 1975, pure musical heaven  – no wonder it was sampled by Jay-Z, Eminen, LL Cool J and all the others:

Small note:
The picture on the post is a sculpture called Nomade by Jaume Plensa, it’s in Antibes, one of the towns I visited when I first started travelling nearly two years ago – he seemed rather apt for my current mood and situation.


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