Being ill when travelling sucks

And being ill when travelling solo really sucks.  Obviously it isn’t the best at any time but when travelling (particularly solo) it can become a bit of an issue.  Most recently it was just a really bad cold, no hospital or doctors involved, just trying to converse with the pharmacist in an unknown language.  It was essentially a week of being weak, disturbed sleep, sore chest, frustration that I was missing out on exploring where I was staying and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself.

The main advantage to being ill when travelling solo is that you’re completely in charge of your own plans and as I was travelling with very little planning it just meant that I was able to extend my current stay and go back to feeling sore and sorrowful.  The disadvantage is that there is no one else to help look after you, assist with a foreign health service or provide much needed tea and sympathy.

The cold and self-pity are long gone but during that week it was the first time in seven months of travelling I wished I wasn’t doing it alone.

Any tips for if/when I am ill again would be greatly appreciated, because it really did suck…

2 thoughts on “Being ill when travelling sucks

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear you weren’t well Escapepea.
    Hopefully the great things about solo travel outweigh the drawbacks. Here’s hoping you are planning your next adventure. 🙂

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