Are you ever too old to learn to surf?

I headed to Ericeira next, which when I mentioned to anyone that that was my plan I was always asked whether I surfed – to which the answer was no, followed by a silent ‘dude’ in my head (sorry for the surfing cliché in the very first sentence).  Ericeira is a beautiful town, 50km north of Lisbon and is a World’s Surfing Reserve.  It has 8km of coastline perfect for surfing, a glorious and diverse range of bars and restaurants and more surf shops than a [insert surfing simile here].

Whilst sat watching the waves and the surfers one day I started to question if I was too old to learn.  I know I don’t have the fitness right now, that’s something that I can change but can the ability be taught to an older lady (aged 30 and 11 years)?  I know I will need patience and perseverance, learning something new as an adult is never easy.  I will also need motivation, lots of it.  But what about the other surfers – it seems such a young person’s game, will an older learner be accepted or even tolerated as I try and learn the techniques and etiquette?  When I was younger I could be fearless, I was certainly less concerned about failure or what other people thought of me and also I had a body which was a lot more robust and could heal much quicker than now – have I left it too late?

Suffice to say I didn’t start to learn in Ericeira, the mountain of doubts and fear was too large to scale, as were the waves.  But the question has remained unanswered and I am left still wondering if it is a possibility.

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