Things are looking up in Lisbon

I was planning to go to the Amalfi coast, and by planning I mean I was pondering Pompeii and dreaming about staying in Sorrento but then I changed my mind.  Pompeii has been there, or rather not been there, for over 2,000 years so I am sure it will still not be there next year too.

Going to Portugal was a friend’s suggestion, as was my starting point of Lisbon.  I knew very little about both, so I did the thing I love to do when visiting a place I don’t know which is to just set out with no plan and get lost in the streets, in the language and the new tastes and smells.  Lisbon is a perfect place to do this as it is fairly compact, safe and very friendly.  Also, it is incredible to look at; the architecture is stunning, the side streets are interesting and the views are breathtaking – with the unexpected bonus of all the main viewing points having a bar so you can soak up the sangria at the same time as the sights.

On the down side it is built on seven hills so at the end of a few of days I had sore feet, aching calves and also a crick in my neck from looking up.  I just couldn’t stop looking up at these amazing buildings all over the city; the tiles, the balconies, a knitted bike at one point (see photo below) and of course the laundry.  I’ve been trying to get a landryofinstagram hashtag to become a thing on Instagram for a while now but so far only about 100 people understand the beauty and the genius (see photo below for full pun), but I remain resolute.

If you’re thinking of a trip to Lisbon there are many brilliant guides on the internet so I won’t add to the barrage of information but I can truly recommend not reading any of them!

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