A unique Edinburgh day trip – not your usual suggestions of where to go for a day away

Are you here for the poppies? This is how we were greeted by the security person at the car park of the Black Watch Museum and I think this is my favourite greeting from a museum or art gallery, ever. And it’s got stiff competition as I was once greeted at the Met Museum in New York with a free ticket and a cheeky wink! The installation of the weeping window is just a small part of the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation which was at the Tower of London last year. It is by no means as spectacular, so please adjust any expectations before going. However in the beautiful setting of Balhousie Castle, home of the museum dedicated to Scotland’s oldest Highland regiment, it is has a poignant presence.

This was a day of two contrasting halves, after a pause to refuel and reflect in a local pub we then headed to a pirates themed crazy golf course back in Fife. Which was amazingly rambunctious and ridiculous. As a player I was rather inconsistent – on one hole my score was easily beaten by the 4 year old girl who was playing after us, and on the hardest hole on the course I got a hole in one. I aimed for humbleness and humility when I won the round but fear I came off as very, very smug.

The Poppies Weeping Window is in Perth until 25th September and Adventure Golf Island is open morning to night every day.



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  1. Lovely piccies Jules. I got to see the poppies twice in London but I think the one you’ve taken of them weeping out of the window is just as beautiful xx

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