Things I didn’t know I had been missing about Edinburgh

I was only aware that I was missing these things when I returned:

  1. Bagpipers, but only when they are playing non traditional songs – hearing Comfortably Numb drift over the square instantly made me feel right at home
  2. Talking with people about how beautiful Edinburgh is (I’d forgotten how common this conversation is with both visitors and locals) and often finds me reaching for the thesaurus to find the right words
  3. Spotting shops which have puns in their names (having named the blog escapepea I probably don’t need to mention that I love a pun) – Thistle do nicely, Frying Nemo, The Proper Tea Shop (next door to The Property Shop) – Edinburgh has a rich and tasty pun source
  4. Dropping everything and going outside as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds
  5. Or it stops raining
  6. Salt and sauce on my chips
  7. People watching on the Royal Mile –cop a squat and just let the eccentricities and stories unfold, against the most pulchritudinous backdrop (see point 2)
  8. Stopping to give people directions when they’ve not asked but are stood looking at a map – it’s lovely to be friendly but I’m also hoping for some good karma for when I am lost on my travels
  9. Whisky tasting (or as the locals call it, drinking) – incidentally BenRiach is my new favourite
  10. Experiencing Edinburgh’s three seasons (it doesn’t really get a summer) in under two hours, when walking around Hollyrood and Arthurs Seat
  11. Singing Sunshine on Leith in my head as I go down Leith Walk on the bus, every time, without fail
  12. Shortbread from Pinnies and Poppyseeds on St Mary’s Street, it tastes like Edinburgh



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