First date – watching the sunset

Travelling solo means that sometimes, and usually by choice, I am in situations where people expect you to be in a group, or really a couple.  Sitting in a trendy bar, watching the sun slowly slide into the sea is definitely such an occasion.  Often I find that two things happen, either people want to know what I am doing there, ‘all by myself’, or I think I make them feel uncomfortable so I am ignored.  I prefer the latter as it means that I get to indulge in one of my favourite past times – listening in on other people’s conversations.  I heard this beautiful one of a couples’ first date, watching the sunset one evening. They had covered the standard first date preamble of jobs, family, films and music and were at the end of their first drink:

  • Her: You’re my ideal man
  • Him: Wow that’s bold

Looooonnnnnnng pause

It carries on for a bit longer still

  • Her: looks embarrassed
  • Him: Looks terrified

She heads for the bathroom and in fairness he doesn’t run away but does use his mobile, I speculated that he may be arranging an ‘out’.  She returns and they leave to go for dinner.

I silently wish them both good luck as they pass by.



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