Choosing where to go next

This can be a time consuming, difficult and complex process. There are so many variables when making such a decision –including transport, logistics, budget, time, recommendations and even instinct. I chose to stay near Lapad beach in Dubrovnik because I wanted to go to a particular bar. Uh-huh, a bar. Seems a bit of an... Continue Reading →

Lopud -more than day tripping

Sometimes I think that places that are a standard tourist day trip destination are deserving of more time.  Sometimes I am really wrong but in the case of Lopud I was bang on the money. It's tiny (5km square), just less than an hour's boat ride from Dubrovnik, with a cluster of bars and restaurants... Continue Reading →

First date – watching the sunset

Travelling solo means that sometimes, and usually by choice, I am in situations where people expect you to be in a group, or really a couple.  Sitting in a trendy bar, watching the sun slowly slide into the sea is definitely such an occasion.  Often I find that two things happen, either people want to... Continue Reading →

Oh Makita you will never know…

Saw this van in the morning and had an Elton John song in my head for the rest of the day.  Feeling for anyone who works with electric tools, it must be a nightmare! "Oh Makita You will never know anything about my home I'll never know how good it feels to hold you Makita... Continue Reading →

Lastovo: such a peas-ful island

This whole island has been declared a National Park and even upon approach on the ferry you can see why, it is stunning. It is 18 miles square, half of which is covered in forests, and with its many vineyards, olive trees and hills, Lastovo is truly beautiful to look at. In fact that is... Continue Reading →

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